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About us

Hi!   Usually here you see  giant text  describing how cool  we are, that we  work basing on  figures, that we can  develop any  marketing strategy and   performance marketing is our  hobby.  When each of you read  around 16 such  texts, you  probably think “God damn,  it’s  another freaking marketing  agency,  which want to obtain  our whole  marketing budget  doing standard  copyrighting”.    That’s why we just tell you - let’s  make a  Skype, Zoom or  WhatsApp call to find  out if you  really need any Marketing   services from us and you’ll  understand  that we speak the  same language.

What we do

Marketing analysis
Digital marketing
Production and design

- Marketing strategy  

- SWOT analysis

- ABC analysis

- Behavioral analysis of  the audience

-  Determining of the  target audience for  promotion

-Digital Marketing audit  

-Targeting and  maintenance of social  networks

- A/B Test

- Trigger  strategies

- Start and maintenance  of searching campaigns

- Creation of ideas and  scenarios

- Content production hub

- Digital production  (interactive   banners, tests, landing pages)

Promotion via  influencers
Crypto Marketing
Mobile marketing

- Development of the list  of target bloggers

- Creation of the texts  and scripts

- Messenger marketing  

- Creation of the  Ambassador program

- Conducting of blog  tours 

- Development of the  concept of the token

- Development of the  turnkey Investor's  Personal Cabinet    

- Listing on crypto  exchanges (Huobi Pro,  HitBtc, CoinsBit etc.) - Community marketing

- Mobile application strategy  

- ASO  

- Mobile application  monetization    

- CPI/CPA/CPO performance   marketing      

- Mobile analytics

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